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1 tab square reagent bottle

Reagent Square Bottles at Thomas Scientific Square shaped amber glass reagent bottle Capacity: 1000mL Amber glass bottle is ideal for light sensitive samples Includes 45mm blue screw cap Designed f...
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Reagent Square Bottles at Thomas Scientific

Square shaped amber glass reagent bottle Capacity: 1000mL Amber glass bottle is ideal for light sensitive samples Includes 45mm blue screw cap Designed for use with Socorex Calibrex™ 520 and 521 bottle-top dispensers Related Products: Amber Glass Bottle Compare this item Clear French Squares with Green Thermoset F217 & PTFE Caps Qorpak

Laboratory Bottles | Aijiren Tech Scientific - US

Nalgene bottles are made only from the highest quality plastic materials that meet pharmaceutical, laboratory and food grade standards; our plastic resins are selected to minimize additives and reduce potential leachables. Nalgene bottles are manufactured in our ISO 13485:2016 registered manufacturing facilities.

Bottles | General Labware | Corning

Products. General Labware. Bottles. Corning’s disposable bottles are designed for safe, secure storage of tissue culture media and sera, buffers, and other aqueous solutions. The bottles come sterile and ready to use in a wide variety of shapes, materials, sizes, and cap types.

DURAN® bottle system - lab bottles, caps & connection systems

The new modular Bottle Carrying System fits standard laboratory bottles that have a GL 45 neck finish and is compatible with four bottle sizes: 2, 5, 10 and 20 litres. It is ergonomically designed, and offers health & safety benefits to the user and allows easy and safe transport of bottles around the laboratory or production facility.

Reagent Bottles | Aijiren Tech Scientific

Reagent Bottles. Constructed from plastic, glass, borosilicate glass or soda-lime glass, reagent bottles feature stoppers or caps, which protect the contents from spilling or outside environmental contamination. Reagent bottles are excellent for storing powders and liquids.

Amazon.com: Lab Bottles & Jars - Lab Bottles & Jars

12 Pack, 2 oz Glass Dropper Bottle with 3 Stainless Steel Funnels & 1 Long Glass Dropper - 60ml Amber Glass Tincture Bottles with Eye Droppers for Essential Oils, Liquids - Leakproof Travel Bottles 4.7 4.7 out of 5 stars (4,941)

Laboratory Bottles | DWK Life Sciences

Borosilicate Type 1 glass reagent bottles are especially suitable for air-sensitive environmental sampling, pharmaceutical API storage, handling, and shipping. The narrow necks of the reagent and solutions bottles are designed for liquids, and the angle of the shoulders ensure that the contents can be smoothly poured.

Glass Bottles | VWR

Description: Bottles are manufactured from high quality Type 1, Class A, 33 expansion Borosilicare glass. Certificates VWR® Laboratory Bottles, Square, Wide Neck, with GL80 Thread Supplier: VWR International Description: Made from borosilicate 33 expansion glass, these bottles are available in both Clear and Amber color formats. Certificates

Borosilicate Bottles at Thomas Scientific

Borosil® Weighing Bottles are perfect for the precise weight of solids. Bottles are mechanically strong and chemically resistant. Bottles come with Interchangeable Stopper which seals the inner contents to prevent spilling. Avail. From 5mL to 60mL capacity and complies IS 1574. . Compare this item.

Bottles | VWR

VWR® Large Square Bottle, High-Density Polyethylene, Wide Mouth Catalog Number: (414004-190) Supplier: VWR International Description: Leakproof, space-saving 3.8 L (1 gal.) bottle is ideal for collecting, storing, and transporting dry chemicals, environmental samples, reagents, and d Certificates VWR® Media Bottles, Square, PET, Sterile

Qorpak | Lab Glassware, Lab Supplies, Lab Containers

Shop a variety of bottles, bottle caps, jars, vials, flasks & beakers for science & industry. Qorpak | Lab Glassware, Lab Supplies, Lab Containers & Packaging - Qorpak (800) 922-7558

Consumable and Service Parts | Beckman Coulter

15mL Reagent Bottle, (pkg of 20) MU8 0: microscope, glass, 25 mm x 75 mm x 1 mm, both ends painted, one with a square/dot separator: B01276: Hematology: DxH ...

Buerkle™ HDPE Wide Neck Square Reagent Bottles

The Wide-neck reagent bottle is particularly suited for storing, packing, taking samples, sampling and transport of granules and paste-like media. HDPE, transparent PP tamper-evident screw cap, blue

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